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Image by Gabriel Dias Pimenta

This could be you.....

Team Militia is always looking for the next creator or competitive gamer. Stay active on the socials and the discord and you might be the next TM Member. 

 TM Nerdie

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Hi, I'm Nerdie, a goofy streamer who is obsessed with Fortnite. I'm also called the Sniper Queen by my fans because I never miss a shot. I enjoy playing the game with skill and humour, and I always aim for the win. Come join me on my adventures, and let's have some fun!


TM Asena

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Hi, I'm Asena, but you can call me Chrissy. I am a content creator who makes various kinds of videos. I was born in Canada and now I live in Brisbane, Australia. I have been creating content for more than four years. Besides gaming, I also like to read, write, take photos, design graphics and assemble lego sets.

TM Xaptos

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Hi, I'm Xaptos, a social media manager for Team Militia. I got into management in 2019 when I became passionate about Fortnite competitive. Now, in 2024, I have switched to Valorant as my main focus. You can learn more about me by checking out my socials.


TM Blynkz

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Hi, I'm Blynkz! I'm a content creator who is 14 years old. I mainly play Fortnite, Valorant and GTA V/FiveM. I have been part of the OCE Community for three years. You can find the links to my main platforms - YouTube, Twitter (X) and Twitch - above.

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